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Belprado cheese

Unilac Holland proudly presents BELPRADO, a supreme quality of a matured Dutch cheese. 
The name of the cheese is related to a centuries old farmhouse based in the center of Holland.
With the production of thousands of tons of cheese, The Netherlands is one of the leading producers  of quality cheese in Europe. The production of Dutch cheese goes centuries back 
in time.  Already in the Middle Ages The Netherlands shipped cheese to different continents 
on the world.
Dutch BELPRADO is carefully ripened under unique circumstances which gives it the delicate and matured sense of taste. Experience it yourself. Enjoy!
Dutch BELPRADO cheese is traditionally served in small blocks as a delicacy to accomplish your favorite drink. Nowadays, this edible gold is more and more used in a variety of culinary dishes. Grated over your favourite dish out of the oven, in small cubes in salads, added to your sauce, use as a fondue or just on a sandwich.
Restaurant-hotel chefs worldwide refer to BELPRADO as true competitor to Italian hard cheese thanks to the outspoken flavor, crispy bite and it’s refined sweet & gentle taste.



Restaurateur Peter de Leeuw, has made three authentic recipes with BELPRADO cheese. Easy to make at home. Experience all recipes here. Buon appetito!

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"Belprado is carefully ripened under unique circumstances"